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    Some of the models aren't very fitting. And I might not say anything if it was all about not using a model twice, but that's not the case either. So I'm proposing some model swaps that would fit their names and concepts better.

    NATURE stuff.
    they're supposed to be a group of elite warriors right? they are all sort of terran-ish. ok:

    Ranger - (current SPRITE model)
    rangers are field combatants. Infested terran breaks the humanoid theme (too zergy, biological). I see nothing wrong with the jet black ghost as the ranger. it fits perfectly.

    SPRITE - miniature banshee
    has an ability called fairy luck. doesn't really seem elite humanoid mercenary ish, but whatever. A better model might be a scaled down banshee. the fragility of the banshee, the fan lifts on the sides kind of resemble a sprite or faerie (or at least you could justify how someone might name a mechanical machine a sprite or faerie. A male ghost just doesnt fit the name or concept at all.

    Thunderbird - black Medevac

    have you played the custom map Island Defense? there is a "blackhawk" in the game, which is just a jet black medevac. when shaded like that, it kind of does look like it would fit the name thunderbird.

    Tree of knowledge - Science vessel.
    aura, circular, reactors, nuke, spheres. fits the concept and ability a bit better current model wouldn't you say? or at least use a mothership. that looks like it could be containing some nuclear/mass energy devices.


    Leviathan - Battlecruiser
    leviathan is a big ass creature. it needs beef. what's a beefy mechanical model? hm.... battlecruiser anyone? this model isn't being used at all!

    ZEUS - using ghost again, eh? if it's to be named Zeus, it should be somewhat associated with lightning. change of attack animation might not be a bad idea either.


    Carrion spitter - regular, smaller lurker
    it upgrades into a black lurker right? keep it a lurker.
    There is already a roach, and it's a bit confusing. (not to seasoned players of course, but the idea is to be logical and remove conflicts and overlaps.

    Unused models:



    marauder (omg, we have so many ghosts models, SOME of them could be made into marauders)
    science vessel

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